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DJ Steinschlag

“fast paced, well grooved” - that's how DJ Steinschlag would define his style and we definitely got an impression of this hammering sound last year.

Coming from the quiet and beautiful south of Germany, he started with more housy tracks, but then fell more and more in love with fast-paced techno. His sets of late don’t have any resemblance of a black forest idyll. But more with a raging, wild-running machine.

Our Kallisto rocket might get a dent or two after DJ Steinschlag has played, but we are more than in for a true wrecking session.

Him playing his rocket sound in an old rocket bunker on the Kallisto grounds - we can't think of anything more fitting … 🔥

Instagram: @tanzbuehne

Instagram of his collective: @boukhoukhoufr



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