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FunkyKid is a Tunisian DJ and producer currently based in Berlin. Her sound ranges from techno and beating drums to hypnotic psytrance.

With her mixes, she explores forms of rebellion against authority, control and forces of domination while also probing into deconstructed universes that take on different shades and textures, giving space to resistant synth waves and rumbling beats that glide past 140 bpm.

FunkyKid's journey as a DJ began last year with her involvement in La Fabrique Art Studio & FeMENA Network, a community-driven arts platform that supports emerging artists and creatives in Tunisia, with a particular focus on women and non-binary individuals.

She is also a Resident DJ at Voices Radio in the UK and a member of both the Female:Pressure and Eclat Crews in Berlin.

Having played at venues like Schwuz, It's A Bar and SO36 club, FunkyKid already got a lot of experience in her early DJ career.

For her very first Kallisto performance, she plans to showcase the way techno subgenres intermingle where kick drums and syncopated percussion sounds meet and mix with each other to provide us with distinguished beats…

Instagram: @funky_kid95



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