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Keanu b2b Nils Ehrsam

As a true intergalactic hitchhiker, Keanu and Nils Ehrsam never set out on a cosmic adventure without bringing all of their friends and a towel (always handy). It's a good thing too, because their fast-paced beats and playful melodies are guaranteed to get you sweating.

Some Dutch (re-)import coming. @keanudi and @pilznilz from Temple Groningen have made themselves quite a name in the party loving country of The Netherlands. With their party’s in Groningen being packed and their style of music being adored, we decided to bring the two to our rocket base to make our festival not too much of a Berlin-Berlin party. 😎

@templegroningen ’s style is speedy but not reckless, straight but still playful. We will guarantee you that their take on electronic music will broaden your view. 👁

Check them out!

📸 Instagram: @keanudi & @pilznilz

🎵 Soundcloud: Keanu & Nils Ehrsam


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