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Kira Kaluma

Kira Kaluma's mission transcends mere DJing; she crafts a transformative journey, an ancient ritual of expression. Her goal is to inspire deep connections with nature and promote harmonious coexistence through her music.

Blending tribal, oriental, and jungle sounds, Kira creates an organic symphony of a new world, interwoven with contemporary beats. Her music is the pulsating heartbeat of our evolving Earth.

Kira's sets are immersive experiences, uniting listeners with the universe. Her vibrant beats drive a colourful, wild tribe, urging reflection on our way of living. Each performance is a powerful reminder that we all have the power to create a better world. Drift on this wave of energy—feel the tribe, be the change.

Join her transformative journey: 

📸 Instagram: Kira Kaluma 

🎧 SoundCloud: Listen Now


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