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Malte Süß

We are thrilled to introduce the next amazing artists to our lineup:

With regular appearances in the Berlin club scene, Malte Süß is no stranger to the ravers of Berlin. Having played at venues such as Sisyphos, Kater Blau, and OXI, Malte Süß has cemented his place in the electronic music scene in recent years. However, his musical journey began way earlier.

At the young age of 16, Malte Süß taught himself how to DJ and quickly entered the world of electronic music. Trance was his music of choice back then, and even today, it's the bright harmonies and epic breaks that he enjoys the most.

Malte's musical career took off when he became the resident DJ of "In Bed with Space" and "F*** me, I'm famous" in 2007, traveling the world with both events. With his move to Berlin in 2010, things may got a little quieter around him, but he can still be heard in the city's clubs and a few festivals in Germany.

Malte Süß's sets are characterised by his energetic and dark driving sound that fits perfectly to our beloved Kallisto Festival.

Get ready to lose yourself in his hypnotic beats and let him take you on a journey you won't forget!

Instagram: @malte_suess

Check out his Soundcloud


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