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nice2meetcha / n2m

Bring the funk out! 😎 Because nice2meetcha is the next DJ of Kallisto we want to introduce to you.

Micha (n2m aka nice2meetcha) grew up between classical music and the songs of the 60s/70s counterculture, diving into rhythm and blues, soul and gospel at a young age. Since starting to DJ in his early 20s, the influence of soul music remained strong, manifesting into fast and groovy sets, mixing soulful samples with driving rhythm.

nice2meetcha’s sets are the incorporation of good mood and the kind that will make even techno lovers swing and bop a little.

So look forward to powerful vocals, sharp saxophones, well-rounded synths and a good portion of groove.

Instagram: @idontneedusernames

Check out his Soundcloud


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