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TonesMahones (MUMPITZ)

What began as a weekly get-together between three friends in 2019 has recently evolved into a DJ collective called "Mumpitz". TonesMahones, as a part of the Mumpitzmukke collective, began his DJ journey using an old, simple Pioneer controller borrowed from one of his friends. From the very beginning, it was a perfect match.

After playing a few home parties and private festival gigs, we invited him to perform at our beloved Kallisto Festival in 2022. What followed was a rocket start into the techno scene that demonstrated the potential we see in our talented artist. He played his first gig at Kater Blau in 2023, which led to requests from clubs and festivals. We're confident that this is only the start of a regular presence in Berlin's club scene and beyond.

With that said, we're thrilled to announce that TonesMahones will be returning to Kallisto Festival in 2023. Get ready for a surprise set that may take you on a wild journey through various styles and some proper basslines. 🎵👨‍🚀

Instagram: @mumpitzmukke



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