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Are there day tickets available?

No, we don't offer day tickets to encourage everyone to go all in for the whole weekend.


I bought a ticket, but am unable to join. Can I get a refund?

No, but you're welcome to sell your ticket so someone else.

How do I change the name on my ticket?

There's a blue button in your confirmation mail that says "persönlicher Bereich - hier entlang". This goes to your personal environment. Here you can change the name on your ticket.


I lost my ticket. What now?

Send an email to, and we will help you find it.

How do I get to the festival?


With public transport

The nearest train station is Ferdinandshof, about two hours from Berlin. The train drives every two hours, so check in advance which one you take. Recommendation: get in the train at Berlin Hauptbahnhof or Sudkreuz. At Gesundbrunnen the train is often already full. There will be SHUTTLES driving from and to the train station. Capacity is limited, so perhaps you have to wait a while. We’ll be driving on set times, you can check them here. Costs for the shuttle are 3 euro per person, please bring this in cash. Or bring a bike so you’re on your way quickly. It’s about 6km.

By car

The coordinates of the festival area are 53.6252758, 13.8375901. There will be designated parking areas where you can park your car for free.


When does the camping open?

You're welcome to set up your tent from Thursday 17:00. But be aware, the bar and food stands only open on Friday. Our lineup starts Friday around 15:00.

Are campers/vans allowed on the camping?

Yes, but due to restrictions from the fire department you first have to park on concrete for two hours. After that you're allowed on the grass. Space is limited though, so first come first serve!


Are dogs allowed on Kallisto?

Although we love dogs, Kallisto is not the place for them. The music is too loud and people might be afraid of them. Recognised assistance dogs are of course an exception. 

Can I pay with card at the festival grounds?

No, we’re cash only. There is no cash machine, so make sure you bring enough Bargeld. 

Will there be electricity on the camping?

There's no electricity on the camping. There will also be very limited options to charge your electronic devices at the festival. Please bring your power banks, solar charger or just go offline for the weekend and switch it off.

Can I buy food and drinks?

Yes, of course!

Forget about carrying heavy drinks all the way to the festival. Instead support Kallisto by buying friendly priced ice cold drinks at one of our bars.

​In the morning Tante Emma will open her cafe, where you can buy coffee, tea and pancakes for all your breakfast needs.

​Still hungry? You can buy a nice slice of pizza at Cheers Kiez pizza.​ In the evening tante Emma serves delicious chilli sin carne as well. Both Tante Emma's and Kiez Pizza are open from Friday until Sunday. 

What is the toilet and shower situation like?

We will have 10 actual flushing toilets, so no more compost toilets (and no more shit shifts for the Kallisto crew). Showers are still cold, but there are more than last year. 

Is there a supermarket nearby?

There's a Netto supermarket 10 minutes from Ferdinand station. So you can do your shopping there and walk back to the station to jump in a shuttle.

What's the waste policy?

We celebrate in nature and want to make sure that together with you we treat the festival grounds respectfully:


#NoConfetti: Kallisto is a colourful festival, but we don't need a million pieces in the gras. So please save your confetti for a party in your living room or something.


#CollectTrash: The grounds are not only home to Kallisto, but also to many of animals and plants. Therefore, clean up your trash, don't let it fly around, and pick up trash when you see it. We will provide trash bags for you to use. Trash in Germany - and at Kallisto - is separated in paper, glass, packaging and residual waste. Find out more here.


#UseAshtrays:  Our goal at the end of Kallisto: to not find cigarettes on the ground. There will be some portable ashtrays around, so please use them. 

#AllTogether: Only together can we make Kallisto green and clean. We will do our best to keep trash from ending up anywhere but in the trash can in the first place, but it won't work without you: let's do something good together.

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