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Watch out for an expert of exciting after hour raves and genre-blending musical journeys: ZHTA!

This incredible artist not only traverses between Berlin and Cologne but also fearlessly navigates through diverse genre spheres. Looking back at her history, this is no coincidence.

As a teenager, her dream was to become a rapper.

At the same time, the techno scene in her hometown of Cologne kept her on her toes, so she danced her way through all kinds of electronic genres. She still loves playing with different genres, always trying out new things musically and, above all, incorporating hip hop and rap elements into downtempo/slow rave.

With this excellent mix, ZHTA grooves her way through the club scene and festival season, playing among others at Beate Uwe, Mensch Meier or Zugvögel Festival. You can check out all her dates here!

In case you can not wait for her bouncy beats and slow-groove basslines at Kallisto Festival, listen to her recent set from the 4 Years of Mystic Creatures event @MenschMeier.

Check out her music:

🎵 Soundcloud

📸 Instagram

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