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Lost in time but found in sound, Rocco is a prime time raver and underpaid working class multi-talent. Rocco's journey began in the Venice lagoon as frontman of the band No Seduction.

In 2017 he moved to Berlin, searching for a sound he was missing: the golden era of the 90s, with its radicality in the scene and its straight-forwardness. In the city he met many beautiful people that helped him define who he is and where he's going. In his machines he finds the structures and the waves he was looking for: going back to the roots to have a look at the future.

Now he’s a musician, radio host and honorary member of the Klub Ostkreuz collective - and a Kallisto festival veteran. Expect live, rough, radical techno full of acid synths, heavy kicks and high BPMs.:

📸 Instagram: @rocco__live 

🎧 SoundCloud: Listen Now

🎧 Klub Ostkreuz: Listen Now


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