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A wild Italian appears! 💥🇮🇹

And we could catch him once more playing a live set for us! @rocco__live describes himself as a “prime time raver and underpaid working class multi-talent”. Needless to say that he is also radio host and member of Klub Ostkreuz. And you have to admit that he is part of a rare species. 😎

Echoing acid synths, driving kicks and straight up honest baselines flow through his music. If you listen close enough, you can still hear that he used to be part of an indie electro band. Back then, the band was called “No Seduction”. But let’s make one thing clear, he will seduce you with his very own sound that he has been cultivating in Berlin since 2017.

Don't miss your chance to experience Rocco's live performance this year. And if you need any proof of his skills, check out his set from Kallisto Festival 2021.

Instagram: @rocco__live

Soundcloud Rocco

Soundcloud Klub Ostkreuz


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