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Sven Weisemann

Sven Weisemann is one of those DJs that already knew from a very young age that DJing is his passion. His musical influences come from a wide variety of music styles; classic, soundtracks, soul, jazz, deep house and dub, but also Detroit techno and US house.

As a producer, he draws inspiration from the legacy of Chicago and Detroit (with his own twist, of course). He manages to create sweet tracks as fresh as Adaisy - records such as 'Vibe' and 'Slices' are house music that is partly atmosphere and partly beats, that charm the entire crowd into dancing like there is no tomorrow.

He is a self-taught musician that plays piano, acoustic guitar and percussion, Weisemann also composes jazz and soundtracks! His incredible house records can be found at Meanwhile, House Café Music, Apple Pips, Kann, a.r.t.less, Wandering, Liebe*Detail, Real Soon, Styrax Leaves, Essays, Freund Der Familie, Fauxpas Musik, Echocord, Delsin, Telrae, Just Another Beat and Mojuba.

Together with Nick Solé and Oracy, Weisemann managed to create a distinct, and highly collectible, label sound.

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