29, 30 & 31st of july 2022

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ABOUT Kallisto

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Hello lovely people,
This year will be the third edition (second try) of the Kallisto Festival. Expect killer DJ's, creative energy & positive vibes. Are you ready to travel to the Kallisto galaxy?
The spaceship will be blasting off on the 29th and returning to Earth on the 31st of July 2022. The camping opens Thursday the 28th and if you're not ready to leave on Sunday, you're welcome to stay one more night.
The Kallisto crew is putting together a stratospheric line-up of DJ's and live acts. We’re taking you on a musical pilgrimage from the roots of acoustic folk to the sunny hills of funk & soul up to the dark universe of deep house & techno. There will be different workshops to explore your inner cosmos and to keep your creative juices flowing during the festival.
Take your protein pills, put your helmet on and jump aboard!
See you on the other side,
The Kallisto crew

Ps: For all of us to enjoy a safe trip, don’t forget our collective leitmotivs: kindness, tolerance, openness and responsible behaviour <3


Kallisto Festival takes place in the middle of the forest, in an abandoned military rocket base. The buildings are either reclaimed by nature, or are made of such massive concrete that it will take millennia for them to be demolished.

Let us come together with awareness for the grounds we’re dancing on and the people surrounding us. Let us celebrate and party in peace - a privilege that we will never take for granted again.

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Discover Berlin’s finest upcoming DJ talents, as well as some international artists. These are the first names, we'll be adding more soon.

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The closest train station is Ferdinandshof, (accessible with RE3 from Berlin to Stralsund) which is 5 km away from the festival ground. We recommend bringing a bike, so you can quickly make your way to the festival - but watch out, we’re expecting full trains because of the 9 euro ticket.

The coordinates of the festival area are  53.6252758, 13.8375901

There will be cars to pick you up from the station and bring you back. Capacity is limited, so perhaps you have to wait a while. We’ll be driving on set times, you can check them here. The shuttle service will cost €3 per person, please bring this in cash.




If you want to come by car, that's ok too. There will be parking facilities at the site. We will send out the exact location shortly before the start of the festival.


#rideswanted It would be really nice if you are willing to take people with you in the car if you have some empty seats. Keep your eyes open or just have a look in the Telegram group or at the Facebook event. 



Just like last years there will be a range of workshops lined up for you: Sporty, relaxing, healing, spiritual, informative or something you would never expect. From Techno Yoga to creative writing to a guided tour with a biologist.


But there's still space, so if you feel like contributing with anything, hit us up on Insta or Facebook. 



VolunteeRs Wanted !

Kallisto is a project completely run by volunteers. It’s not a must, but we would really appreciate it if you would support the community by picking up a volunteering shift. Fill in this form to let us know what you’re in for.

Volunteers wanted! click the picture's link to support the festival
Volunteers wanted! click the picture's link to support the festival

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Volunteers wanted! click the picture's link to support the festival
Volunteers wanted! click the picture's link to support the festival

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Your festival ticket includes a spot at the campsite, where you can recharge and get back to the dance floor well rested. You can bring a tent, a camper, a hammock, a caravan, whatever you want to sleep in. Just make sure that after the festival, you leave the camping area as you found it. Also: no open fire. We don’t want to start a forest fire.

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Food & Drinks

Forget about carrying heavy drinks all the way to the festival. Instead support Kallisto by buying friendly priced ice cold drinks at one of our bars.

In the morning Tante Emma will open her cafe, where you can buy coffee, tea and pancakes for all your breakfast needs.

Still hungry? You can buy a nice slice of pizza at Cheers Kiez pizza.

Apart from that there will be no food opportunity or nearby supermarket, so come prepared :)




Health & safety policy

Let’s keep Kallisto Covid free

We kindly request everyone to do a self test or a Burgertest before the festival


And let’s also keep Kallisto fire free

Open fire is not allowed, so no grills. Also please don’t put your cigarettes on the ground, we will hand out portable ashtrays.


We want Kallisto to be a safe environment where everyone - visitors, artists and crew - feels comfortable to express themselves however they want. This means there’s no place for border violation, violence and discrimination through sexist, racist, homophobic, ableistic or any other kind of inhuman attitudes, actions and statements.

Green & clean

Awareness team

Awareness for creating and maintaining a safe space at Kallisto is of course everyone’s responsibility. Together we create a non-discriminatory social space, based on our Leitmotivs: kindness, tolerance, openness and responsible behaviour. At the same time we want to be prepared in case something unpleasant does happen. That’s why this year, we introduce Kallisto’s awareness team.


When can I approach the awareness team?

Whenever you feel like you can use someone to chat to, or you want to step out of an unpleasant situation and retreat to a calm, safe space.


How can I recognise the awareness team?

They’ll be wearing a badge saying ‘Awareness team’ and glow-sticks. If you can’t find anyone from the team, feel free to approach the people working at the bar. They might be able to help you or find the awareness team for you.


HowWhat if I need medical attention?

We aren’t doctors, but we do know where the first aid kit is and can support you in getting the help you need.

It is more important than ever to pay attention to nature: That's why Kallisto is a green festival! We celebrate in nature and want to make sure together with you that we treat the festival grounds respectfully:


#NoConfetti: Kallisto is a colourful festival, but for that we don't need confetti. Do something good for the environment and leave your confetti at home.


#CollectTrash: The grounds are not only home to Kallisto, but also to lots of animals and plants. Therefore, clean up your trash, don't let it fly around, and pick up trash when you see it. We will provide trash bags for you to use.


#UseAshtrays:  If you have a pocket ashtray, it would be great if you put it on your packing list for the festival. Our goal at the end of Kallisto: to not find cigarettes on the ground.

#AllTogether: Only together can we make Kallisto Green & Clean. We will do our best to keep trash from ending up anywhere but in the trash can in the first place, but it won't work without you: Let's do something good together.




  • When and where will Kallisto 2022 take place?

The festival will take place at the same location as the last years. On the 29, 30 and 31st of July will be returning to the impressive abandoned Rocket base in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for an entire weekend of fun!

  • What is the minimum age to come to the festival?

There is no minimum age, but we do think Kallisto is less suitable for people younger than 18 years old. Everybody must be in possession of a valid ticket for Kallisto 2022.

  • Is there a cash machine?

Unfortunately, there is no cash machine at the festival. So make sure to bring enough cash with you!

  • Can I charge my phone at the festival?

There will be very limited options to charge your phones. Please bring your power banks, solar charger or just go offline for the weekend and switch it off! 

  • Want to help out?

Do you want to help out at Kallisto? Do you want to host a workshop or do you have a great idea for us? Shoot us a message on Facebook, Instagram or send an email to: tickets@kallistofestival.com

We're a festival run by volunteers, so we would really appreciate your help. From picking up a bar shift to cutting pizzas. Fill in this form to let us know what you're in for.




  • Are there day tickets available?

Sadly, we don’t offer day tickets.

  • Where do I buy a ticket?

As soon as the tickets are available, you can buy them here on the website! 


  • Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any refunds. We are a small organization and personally take the financial risk. If you find somebody that wants to buy your ticket we can help you change the name on the ticket. Get in touch with us by sending an email to tickets@kallistofestival.com


  • I lost my ticket...What now?

Send a message to tickets@kallistofestival.com, and we will look for it!





  • Can I come by public transport?

Yes, please! It only takes about 2 hours from Berlin to Ferdinandshof.

  • Is there a shuttle to the festival?

We'll be driving with cars to pick you up from the station in Ferdinandshof, on these times. Capacity will be limited though, so bring a bike if you can to be on your way quickly. 

  • Can I come by car?

Yes you can! The coordinates of the festival area are 53.6252758, 13.8375901. You can park your car on the festival terrain in the designated parking areas.

  • Can I come by bike?

Yes of course! We would suggest taking the bike with you in the train and cycle from Ferdinandshof to Kallisto. It is about 6 km from the train station and should take about 20 minutes.




  • What are the opening times of the camping?

The camping will be open from Thursday evening until Monday afternoon! Thursday, you are welcome to join from 18:00 onwards. 

  • What about showers and toilets?

There are cold water showers (refreshing!) and toilets available. 

  • Can I bring a camping cooker?

Yes, you can cook your own food, but please be aware of the safety rules and only use the camping cooker in the designated areas.

  • Is there electricity at the campsite?

No, there is no electricity at the campsite. You can charge yourselves at the dance floor!